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It goes without saying that the impact of COVID-19 has hit us all in ways we never could have imagined, and certainly never have fully prepared for. Many of us will have just got into our stride working from home, adjusting to a new normal and developing new routines. But as we move towards eased restrictions, reopening of businesses and schools and the gradual return to normality for some aspects of society, we’re faced again with the prospect of big change.

Supporting our workforces in the transition back to the workplace will be vital in protecting mental & physical health and wellbeing and maintaining productivity.  So how can we ready our organisations, our workplaces and our workforce in preparation for going back to business?

SMG Health presents our Back to Business e-resource pack which gives you essential information sources all in one place:

  •     FAQs
  •     Preparing a safe and hygienic workplace
  •     Risk management
  •     Preparing employees to return to the workplace
  •     Travelling for work
  •     Free posters and videos

SMG Health can also assist with a number of additional services to help our Clients;

  •     Onsite COVID19 Symptom and Risk Screening
  •     A COVID, Medical & Health phone line with Doctors and Nurses available for advice to employees and employers from 7am to 9pm (EST)
  •     Consulting on a Comprehensive Business COVID19 Operation Plan
  •     Supporting employees and physically and psychologically as they return to normal routines
  •     Back and Postural Assessments
  •     Ongoing Education and Awareness Wellness Initiatives


SMG Health Back to Business E-Resource Pack

SMG Health Strategy to help our clients get back to business

Please feel free to contact your Account Manager, or the Wellness Team on 1300 657 644 for more information.

SMG Health Strategy to help our clients get back to business

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