SMG Health’s workshops increase health awareness while using behaviour change models to increase the likelihood of health improvements. Our range of seminars are tailored to meet the different requirements of each specific audience and can be conducted onsite and via live videoconference.

SMG Health understand that the facilitator of a group session will be a far greater determinant of positive feedback, knowledge retention and likelihood of action post session than the content included. For this reason, SMG Health use health professionals with extensive experience in group facilitation and presentation to deliver engaging sessions.

SMG Health Specialised Facilitators have degree or masters qualifications in their chosen field and have a minimum of 5 years’ experience – and in most cases more than a decade - in group facilitation in workplace environments. These sessions move past seminar presentation and include the group in a dynamic and practical learning environment. The level of expertise ensures these sessions are highly engaging and the knowledge and interests of each group is incorporated into each session.

Our workshops range from short toolbox presentations to 2 day workshops by specialist group facilitators.

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