Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancers in the world with two of every three Australians being diagnosed with a skin cancer by aged 701.
SMG Health make it easy for your employees to be Sun Ready with our onsite Skin Checks.

SMG Health has performed skin check clinics to over 50,000 patients in every State and Territory, in every capital city, and in hundreds of regional and remote locations. SMG Health deploys a model by which experienced and skilled doctors conduct thorough skin examinations on site and provide a referral letter and make immediate recommendations as appropriate.

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How it Works

SMG Health’s Skin Screening is undertaken in either a 10 or 15 minute appointment and includes the following elements:

  • Patients complete a patient history and sun exposure questionnaire
  • The patient receives a comprehensive full body skin check performed by experienced doctor
  • The doctor provides immediate feedback to the patient on the results of the skin check and any recommendations for further action. If necessary a referral letter is provided.
  • A summary report outlining referral statistics and participation is provided to your organisation


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