Women's Health Week 2020

Our lifestyles are busier than ever before and, as an ageing population, it has never been more important to invest in our physical and mental health so that we can enjoy a healthy, happy life. Checking in with how you’re fuelling your body, booking in for key physical health check ups, making time and space in your life for you, and moving your body in enjoyable ways are all great ways we can give ourselves the best chance at good health.

Gut health, heart health, mental health, cognition and bone density, as well as strength, stamina and energy are all important areas to give focus throughout your life. Fuelling your body with sufficient iron, B vitamins, fibre, omega 3, protein, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and zinc is also crucial. We can get these vital nutrients by eating salmon and oily fish, leafy greens, eggs, berries, nuts, dark chocolate, avocado, wholegrains, legumes and oats.

Self-care is a very important building block to help you buffer the challenging times and enjoy the good times. Another way of thinking about it is that self-care isn’t always just about doing what you feel like doing, it’s also about doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and your life in a way that sets you up to thrive with great wellbeing. It’s time to put you and your own self-care on your to-do list.

Introducing self-care rituals and habits into your life can be great for your mind and body, helping you to restore, reset and function at your best. Here are some of the self-care
•    Take regular breaks. Let yourself rest and enjoy down time. Try the Danish practice of Hygge (“cosy contentment”).
•    Move your body in enjoyable ways – dance in the living room, do a yoga class (online or in person), walk, stretch or any other movement that feels good to you.
•    Eat a nutritious and balanced diet to support good mental and physical health.
•    Practise meditation, mindfulness or deep breathing exercises.
•    Implement a nurturing bedtime routine to encourage good quality sleep.

We should remember though that our bodies are constantly changing and with that, our physical health needs change too – the check ups we need in our 20s and 30s can differ greatly to our 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.  Staying in tune with our body and what it needs through the years is vital in ensuring we stay in healthy condition. For more information, check out your Health Hub on the Wellness Gateway where you’ll find our new Women’s Health Week 2020 section.

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